About Us:

“There is no substitute for an intermediary in the delicate business of generating honest, productive and meaningful feedback from the anchor customers or partners of interest.   Regardless of any cultural stereotypes (which are ultimately dated or just plain wrong), it is human nature to avoid giving a perfect stranger negative feedback.  It is also human nature for those who believe passionately in their newly invented product to weigh position feedback heavily and rationalize away negative feedback.  This tendency is in all of us, entrepreneur and investor alike.  What is needed is a completely independent native guide to act as a trusted intermediary for key marketing and technical executives at anchor companies in the target industry.”

Market Segment Focus:
As a result of its highly expertise and diverse Team, TechASIA Management has domain knowledge that spans but is not limited to the following Market Segments that include:

Audio, Digital imaging, Still imaging/DSC, Advanced Video CODEC's, Video Displays and TV’s, Set Top Boxes/DVR, DVD Player and Recorders, Portable Media Players,  Mobile Phones, Mobile Commerce, Wireless, Storage/Networks, MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems).

Geographic Focus:
TechASIA Management has highly experienced “In-Country” native language speaking managers in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China with additional affiliates responsible for India, Israel, UK, France and Latin America.

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