Asian Company/Product Entry:

Business is usually a “two way highway” and not a one way dead-end street.

TechASIA Management’s latest Value Added Service was added after many of our Asian colleagues and partners asked for reciprocal help in developing robust businesses in the Western Hemisphere.  Just as most Western companies need significant help in navigating and judging their best business strategy and tactics in Asia, similarly, Asian companies require the exact same support and guidance in developing a customer base in the West. Asia is a powerhouse of new and exciting technologies that are now looking toward the opportunities of an exploding Global Market. All of the Services that TechASIA Management has built and provided to Western companies can now be offered to technology companies in the East, recognizing the vast markets of USA, South America and Europe.

Our Managing Partners in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China are now reaching out and providing this assistance to Asian companies. In addition, this Service also provides us with a means to find “technology partners” or perhaps Intellectual Property for our Western clients. This value added Service provides Asian companies the unique ability to leverage the outstanding core skills of the USA based Team, Advisors and Affiliates.

Ultimately, it provides the “win-win” our clients are seeking and completes our mission of Bridging the Hemispheres.”

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